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The vegetation and risk management system developed by Headpower and Terramonitor is progressing to Pan-European piloting. In addition to the European Space Agency (ESA), 9 European transmission grid companies through ENTSO-E and Finnish distribution network companies Caruna, Elenia, Järvi-Suomen Energia, Nivos Verkko and PKS Sähkönsiirto are participating in the project. The project is co-funded by the European Space Agency under the ARTES 4.0 Business Applications -Space Solutions.

The SatNetMonitor consortium was chosen for the project since the consortium has state-of-the-art technical and domain expertise in bringing highly advanced cloud services to the market. The project focuses on identifying the risks to electricity networks caused by vegetation, human activityand weather phenomena. The servicewill save costs invegetation management and enable automated preventive maintenance. The resilience of electricity networks can be significantly improved from the current level. In addition, the service brings improved efficiency to network risk management and repair activities in the event of interruptions.

“We are very pleased that both ESA and the European transmission and distribution companies have such a positive view of the service we have developed together with Terramonitor.” says Antti Jukarainen, CEO of HeadPower Oy.

“Our work with the previous ESA feasibility study created a great opportunity that combines Headpower’s expertise in the infrastructure and power grid industry with the data generated by Terramonitor’s technology. As a result, we are developing a very powerful new tool and source of information for electricity network companies. ” states Terramonitor’s CEO Joni Norppa.

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