Infra Work Manager

Infra Work Manager is an application for ordering, delivering, monitoring and reporting work related to construction and managing infrastructure networks.

Why Infra Work Manager?

  • Gives a detailed picture of the work, resources and the overall situation
  • Enables real-time monitoring of work phases
  • Facilitates simpler and easier communication between different parties
  • Standardises work order descriptions and change monitoring
  • Documents events, parties and phases of work automatically
  • Supports management of resources and materials
  • Covers the whole order-delivery process from general planning and budgeting to documenting tasks and checking invoices
  • Can be integrated with other information systems

Over 200 companies and organisations in Finland have already registered as users of Infra Work Manager.

HeadPower’s Infra Work Manager is the market leader in infrastructure network order systems in Finland.

For more information on HeadPower’s Infra Work Manager, please contact HeadPower’s sales.

Infra Work Manager is a tool for managing the order-delivery chain of distribution network construction, companies’ internal resources and work order management, and tendering contracts among contractors.

HeadPower offers Infra Work Manager tools for both contractors and network companies.

Up-to-date information

The application is independent of the user’s location, in other words it works just as well on end devices used in the office and in the field. Features utilised in the field include e.g. receiving and acknowledging tasks, registering hours and map functions such as positioning and directions.

The system allows ordering work from selected suppliers. Suppliers can report on the progress of work through the system, and once the work has been completed check invoicing proposals related to the work. In addition, suppliers can use Infra Work Manager to manage their own resources.

The Infra Work Manager application can automatically convert technical products of a work plan into commercial products. A clearly defined commercial final result decreases the supplier’s workload and the risk of unnecessary investigating after the project.


Additional Infra Work Manager features

It is possible to add features to the basic Infra Work Manager tool depending on the needs of your company. Additional features are continuously developed to respond to needs.


General planning work type

  • Makes long-term investment program planning and management more effective
  • Presents clear and illustrative timeline and bar graphs to support the network company’s general planning
  • Monitors the output in relation to the plans (budgeted in general plans vs. invoiced for work)


  • Enables tendering all work ordered by the network company in Infra Work Manager
  • Offers an effective and fast way to compare received offers
  • Supports tendering of different types of contracts, e.g. total price, unit price and turnkey contracts
  • Available for the network company’s Infra Work Manager

Resource management

  • Enables resourcing work e.g. based on workload, length of work and target completion times
  • Tool used mainly by team leaders, supervisors and line managers
  • Facilitates more efficient planning and resourcing of work
  • Supports keeping to delivery schedules and ensuring that installers have an even workload
  • Available for suppliers’ Infra Work Manager

Report service

  • View of the customer’s own data
  • Enables utilising and analysing Infra Work Manager application data more widely
  • The following data are registered into the system: work task data, data on turnaround and processing times of tasks, data on task amounts and related financial data, and data needed to identify work tasks and process personal data
  • Available for Infra Work Manager of both the contractor and the network company

Work safety management

  • The application is divided into four parts: Worksite’s identification data, Worksite’s safety document, Worksite’s occupational safety issues and induction and Worksite’s check forms
  • Improves work safety by providing all parties in the project with a tool for taking safety into account from planning to implementation
  • Available for Infra Work Manager of both the contractor and the network company

SMS messaging

  • Communicating progress of work phases with SMS messages in situations where communication through the portal and email is not sufficient
  • Available for Infra Work Manager of both the contractor and the network company

Map functions

  • Enables map based task and resource management
  • The map shows the map data, tasks, POI points and monitored devices
  • The base map is a road map (Google’s map data), and it is possible to import your own map levels into the application e.g. network data
  • Available for Infra Work Manager of both the contractor and the network company