Mobile Infra Work Manager

Why use Mobile Infra Work Manager?

  • Manage work digitally and in real time anywhere
  • Information about completed work goes directly to the invoicer at the office
  • The employee gets the work orders directly to his smartphone without unnecessary phone calls or extra paperwork
  • All information concerning the execution of the work is always accurate and accessible
  • The management has a real time picture of the work and progress out on the field
  • Documents, photos, and other files can be delivered easily and quickly

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The Mobile Infra Work Manager is designed primarily for installers for external handling of work out in the work field. The order is transmitted to the installer automatically, when the subscriber sets him as the executor of the work in Infra Work Manager. In the work order you see all the relevant information about the work, such as name, description, location, subscriber, schedule information, products, attachments and comments. The app also allows the installer to add relevant information about the ongoing work. It is possible to update the status of the order (in progress, completed) comments, attachments (images, video, etc.), digital protocols, as well as actual units.

Service regardless of location

Ordering information is available anytime, anywhere, when the device is connected to the network. Then, information can be passed directly into the system and is immediately available also in the office.