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I want to inform all our customers about the risks of the outdated Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
Microsoft has pushed down the development of IE11 since 2015, after the release of the Edge browser. However, Microsoft has retained IE11 support to allow large companies to use their old systems while going over to newer browsers. As a result, IE11 has no longer supported the development of the latest web standards and functionalities of browser-based applications. Now Microsoft itself has also urged to change from the outdated IE to modern browsers

HeadPower Oy removed IE11 from supported browsers as of January 1, 2018 due to the technical shortcomings of IE and the risks it poses to our customers. An Internet browser is a critical part of browser-based applications. The browser needs to be reliable, and IE did no longer fulfill this requirement. First and foremost, we now support the latest version of the Chrome browser. We also offer limited support for the latest versions of the Edge and Firefox browsers.
In addition to the generally known security deficiencies of IE, it does not conform to the integrity and confidentiality principles of the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Strictly interpreted, the use of IE is already in conflict with § 5 of the GDPR.
In the use of modern application components, the shortcomings of the IE browser are already so severe that service providers have to seriously consider blocking the use of the IE browser. This consideration is also ongoing at HeadPower Oy.
I recommend all of our users to switch to Chrome immediately.

Secure regards,
Timo Mutila