Work correctly. Work safely.

Our products designed for telecommunications network construction support implementation of a fast and reliable network. Telecommunications infrastructure must work in all conditions, which is why planning and constructing the network needs to be implemented in co-operation between all parties. Predictive planning ensures the network’s long service life: the possibility to add added value systems in retrospect is a sign of good planning.

Also the reliability and data security of networks is ensured with active planning and predicting. Documentation of planning and construction phases and maintenance functions forms an important part of safety.

Our product offerings are classified thematically. You don’t need to know what exactly it is you’re looking for – just the area where you need support.

HeadPower product range

We enable seamless co-operation between the customer and supplier even in large projects. Individual products are designed to complement each other and if needed form an entity that supports the whole operational process. From our selection you can choose, for example, the Infra Work Manager application or a more comprehensive service entity.

A phased step-by-step procurement process ensures your satisfaction at each step of the process. As our customer you can tailor a service entity to suit your own specific needs. More detailed product specific information and instructions are given in connection with the products.

We believe in service

HeadPower co-operates with your company, developing our services to match the needs of your organisation.

In addition to off-the-shelf applications, we offer our customers strong expertise in defining, designing and implementing different customer specific information system solutions.

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